I ask practicing lawyers and people with JDs questions and they give me answers. I publish those answers on Sam Glover’s, one of the leading law practice “blawgs.” I must qualify the word “leading,” as that could be taken to be some serious puffery, but I think it’s justified puffery, as Lawyerist is fairly well known. There are even critics of Lawyerist, which must mean something. Take a look at some interviews below. Why not. You only live once.

Nuts & Bolts of Appellate Law

Mathematician of Appellate Law

Undeniable Divorce Lawyering Style

Suffering Fools Gladly

Taking Baby Lawyers to School

Most Interesting Man in CLE

Down to Business in Silicon Valley

Man of Perseverance

Zen Lawyering

Marine Judge Advocate

L.A.’s Dopest Attorney

Debt Destroyer

Suing Debt Collectors

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