Addicted to cocaine:

I just loved the feeling.
—DWI-defense lawyer Chuck Ramsay


Featured image: “Cocaine” by Lee Morley is licensed CC. The image has been cropped.

Overcoming Addiction to Cocaine

It starts with a feeling.

“I absolutely loved it,” Ramsay said. We sat across from each other at Claddagh Coffee (for the Irish, the Claddagh ring represents love, loyalty and friendship) on West 7th in St. Paul, Minnesota, two mugs of coffee between us on the table. Ramsay’s no-bones admission: “I just loved the feeling.”

This feeling—Ramsay refused to describe it, refused to glamorize it—is euphoria. Cocaine is a stimulant, an “upper.” Ramsay was 18 his first time, after a high school grad party in the 1980s, and the feeling latched itself to him.

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